Tiblio trade board update!

Trade better with Tiblio.

Dear Tiblio Community,

As we seek to add value to Tiblio, we made feature updates we would like to share with you.

1. The Trade board now shows a max loss calculation that takes into account the credit paid to you for the spread. You can use this to quickly eyeball the weight of the trade in your portfolio. Take many trades risking $100 vs one trade risking $900 for example. Your Tiblio trade board log keeps you on track to meet your investment goals by allowing you to analyze your trading patterns and make adjustments when needed for your trading edge.

2. We increased the number of recommendations shown at one time on the trade board from 10 to 20. Giving you more spreads with the highest credits and highest probability of success.

3. Both the trade board and the recommendation email will now show an even number of Call and Put trade recommendations. Create market neutral plays by picking great spreads on the Call and Put side.

Now is a good time to visit your trade board and if you haven't already done so, enter the spreads that you opened and close the spreads that you closed last week.

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Trade better,
Team Tiblio

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